Film Production in South Africa

We all know that filmmaking is the process of making films. The point of making movies is to show the story through casting, scriptwriting, shooting, recording the sound, editing and screening the product. Film production takes place in different locations widely around the world in both economic and social context. Creating a movie can last from one month or a few months to a couple of years. This process consists of five main stages. Those are development, pre-production, production, post-production, and distribution.

When it comes to South Africa, it has this big growing film industry, and it seems to be very competitive all around the world. Many filmmakers try to take advantage of different locations in this country and in this way they can film a lot cheaper than for example in the United States or Europe.
The industry in South Africa made some progress thanks to Gavin Hood’s drama “Tsotsi’’ that won an Academy Award for the best movie in a foreign language in 2006. One more movie that affected the industry well was “District 9’’ that was nominated for four Academy Awards. Also, their “Yesterday’’ and “U Carmen E Khayalitsha’’ were also nominated for the Oscar award. But these were just nominated movies, let’s see if they have the won awards too.
The important fact is that “A Lion’s Tale’’ by Francois Verster earned a non-fiction Emmy award in 2006. We mustn’t forget to mention that some of the most successful international movies have been filmed there. Some of them are “Fury Road’’, “Blood Diamond’’, “Invictus’’ and much more others.

The government in South Africa is sure that the film industry will grow in the future, and it will be very successful.

This was identified in a fact, in 1995 the industry employed just about 4000 individuals and it has grown into the group that consists of about 25 000.

This flourishing industry obviously has its benefits, millions of rands have been invested into the economy. The next potential investor may be one of these eight countries, that have already invested a few times.

We are talking about the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, Italy, New Zealand, Australia, France and Ireland. Africans began to tell their stories. Each year the number of local movies increases. Let’s take 2009 for an example, when about 13 titles were released and in 2012 the number changed into 24.

If you’re looking for some film production companies, you may find these written below more than just helpful. There are over three hundred filmmaking companies in South Africa, but these may be some of the best ones. In Cape Town, there are “Cape Direct’’, “Red Petal Productions’’, “ Orange Films’’, “Nautilus Film Crew’’, “Filmworks South Africa’’, “Moonlighting Film Production Services’’, “Grinder Films’’, “The Shooting Gallery’’ and many others. And if you find yourself in Johannesburg, there you will also find “Life design’’, “Puma Video’’, “Bladeworks Post Production Facility’’, “On-Sight Productions’’, “Velvet’’, “Your Girlfriend’’, Darling Films’’, “Cut and Paste Generation’’ and a lot more other companies.

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